A Retuned K5L

A retuned K5L, with two #1 bells! One is bored out so that it blows at 277 cycles
per second (C#) and the other is shortened just enough that it blows 330 cps (E).
The #2 bell is tuned to 392 cps (G). The #3 bell is bored so that it blows 440 cps
(A), and the #4 bell is shimmed internally so that it blows 554 cps to octave with
the lower #1 bell (C#, C# an octave up). The second #1 bell took the place of the
#5 normally found on a K5. Listen to the "harmonica-like" timbre of this horn!

Here's a close-up of the 277 cps (C#) #1 bell, showing the bore.

From the side, it's easy to see the two #1 bells.

From the other side.

And here's the horn head-on.

In case you missed it, click here to listen to this horn.

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