Burnett Horns

here are a few Burnett horns recently restored -- first is a nice M3H

next is a fully restored, and quite uncommon, Burnett M5
-- it is stamped serial number 775

the remaining pictures are of an earlier, and very rare, M5
-- this one is stamped serial number 238

the serial number is stamped on the manifold and #1 head -- also note
the lack of back cap markings common to other, newer M's

Ken leaves no nook or cranny untouched -- the horn is clean
inside and out and restored fully functional to original factory specs

what sets this horn apart is the "Nathan AirChime" cast on the back of
the #1 bell -- only two such M5's are known to exist!

one final side view of this horn shows the "Nathan AirChime" casting

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