Welcome to The Horn Doc! Here, our patients are actual locomotive horns -
any shape, size, condition, dead or alive. Ken Kanne, Chief Orthopedic Surgeon,
is skilled at all kinds of repairs and modifications to diesel air horns.

Go from this . . .
. . . to this!

Services Offered
  • welding patching fabricating remachining
  • rethreading
  • broken bolt removal glass bead blasting modifications complete restorations
  • any and all other horn-related repairs!

Recent Projects
  • M2 Bell Patch - a lengthly, in-depth pictoral on how Ken repairs bells which are missing chunks M3 Round-Base Conversion - this scallop-base M3 bell was converted to appear as a round-base bell, lettering and all 37 Bell Restoration - a Leslie 37 bell with all sorts of dings and divots is restored to new condition P horn tab fabrication - a Nathan P bell was missing a mounting foot, and Ken builds one from scratch M2 Head Repair - this M2 head siezed and broke while trying to remove the back cap - Ken repairs and then rethreads this head to like-new A-200-233 Conversion - another great conversion, this time of an aluminum Tyfon A-200-156 to an A-200-233 1953 S-3L Restoration - this rare horn's primary problem was a severely warped and cracked manifold, with the 44 bell's mount completely broken off Burnett M3 Restoration - the Horn Doc's restoration of a rare Burnett M3 Recent Leslie Repairs - a look at some finished Leslie restorations that recently came through Ken's shop Recent Burnett M Repairs - some completed Burnet M3H and M5 restorations, including serial number 238 A K5L Retune Project - a K5L has bells swapped out and retuned to a perfect major 7th chord
  • Restoration of Hexatone #23 - a pictorial outlining the restoration of this rare piece of history

Ken Kanne
"Chief Orthopedic Surgeon"
16437 Camellia Road
Silverhill, Alabama 36576

Ken recently experienced a loss of ALL emails and contact information and has no way of contacting any of his past or present customers.
If you or are expecting a reponse to an email you have sent him prior to May 1st 2014 or have a horn currently in Ken's possession.
Please contact Ken as soon as possible by email or telephone so that he may get in contact with you and obtain your email address, phone number and shipping address.
Without this information Ken is unable to communicate with you or return property to its rightful owners.

E-mail is the easiest method of contacting The Horn Doc - just send a message
with your name, the kind of horn, work needed, a call back number, and time to call
to the "Horndoc at Airhornhospital dot Com". Ken will call or e-mail you back right away!
To contact the webmaster, send an e-mail to "Webmaster at Airhornhospital dot Com".

Last Updated 5-3-2014